"The memories of an old lady have been lost. Her only friend, a cat, who hasn’t left her house for years, must venture outside their walls to find them"

Bruma is an adventure 2D video game with elements of stealth, puzzle and metroidvania progression with a strong emphasis on storytelling and worldbuilding. The player plays with “Luna”, a female cat, who has lost her old human friend, who escaped from her home losing her memories



Multiplayer asynchronous game. With roulette and casino mechanics, get resources to unleash, feed and collect different monsters to attack other users for better rewards and explore the world.

About us

We’re a group of indie developers, from Valparaiso (Chile). People from different areas, including cinema, illustration, software engineering & graphic design, which give us the possibility to increase the quality of our project.
Creating experiences that intrigue the heart, mind and eye of a wide audience