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Merging art, storytelling, and technology for unforgettable games.

Creating experiences that intrigue the heart, mind and soul of a wide audience

Who we are

We're a team of indie developers, from Valparaíso Chile

4HA Games is a chilean indie studio with a subsidiary in Poland, that combines the passion for crafting handmade art styles with immersive video game experiences

Educational games

Playing is a natural process for learning. We have worked with NRAO & ALMA Observatory, developing a video game where children can learn about programming and astronomy at the same time!

Serious games

The creation of unique environments leads the player to special interactions, gathering enough data to learn about health issues. We're developing "NEURONAT", in cooperation with University of Chile. A medical solution that also has AI, wich allows us to deliver a diagnosis in the field of neurology.


We also make animations for different documentaries and TV series!


Who we are

IT, Design & Development.

We're from different areas, including cinema, illustration, software engineering & graphic design, which give us the possibility to increase the quality of our projects.

From Vision to Launch

Crafting an Extraordinary Game Service Experience

Ideation and Conceptualization

Collaborate with the client to understand their vision and target audience. Explore ideas, research market trends, and define the core experience for the game.

Design and Development

Translate ideas into tangible designs and game mechanics. Create a game design document, develop prototypes, and implement required technologies.

Iteration and Refinement

Test the game, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments. Collaborate with the client to ensure their vision is upheld while improving the gameplay, visuals, and audio.

Delivery and Launch

Conduct thorough testing, prepare marketing materials, and plan the game's release strategy. Provide ongoing support and address post-launch updates or issues.


Unveiling Unique Worlds: The Intersection of Entertainment, Education, and Serious Games

BRUMA - IP development

"The memories of an old lady have been lost. Her only friend, a cat, who hasn’t left her house for years, must venture outside their walls to find them"

NEURONAT - Serious games

A medical solution that also has AI

ALMA - Educational games

Video game where children can learn about programming and astronomy


We would love to work with you!

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